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Not the Clocktower We Need, But the Clocktower We Deserve


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Why not simply revert the change that you see other players as little light orbs?

While at it, introduce normalized character models, but in this case make all other players norn or charr, at maximum size, with some charr and norn npcs too.

Come to think of it, give all the npcs as many flashy legendaries and auras too, to help players envision how cool they could look when they are not falling to their deaths.

That should get things rolling.

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@Randulf.7614 said:

@thehipone.6812 said:Put it in the middle of a volcano and make it so you have to glide from a gear to some random, 2 pixel wide rock outcropping all the way across the map and then back to one particular stair on a vertically oriented staircase near the tower and then...

Throw an airship in and you get all three JPs in one!!

Now that you mention it, we need diving goggles to jump into the green goo!

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