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Best revenant legend idea

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Legendary Bat[crap] Crazy Stance - channel the absolutely bonkers Mary Sue--I mean Scarlet Briar, turning your entire screen bright pink with green edges! Scarlet's mocking laughter will echo in your ears constantly, on a loop, as you use holographic rifles to shoot glowing projectiles that explode into holographic glitter upon hitting your target. All attacks generate glitching holograms of Scarlet Briar, which dance around your target in a frenzy of blindingly bright rainbow colors. All attacks have a 90% chance to conjure an image of Mordremoth staring directly at you, a 50% change to knock you flat for five seconds, a 25% chance to inflict Fear on yourself for ten seconds, and a 5% chance to blow yourself up, instantly putting you in the downed state. Downed skills are Laugh (unleash an impressive evil cackle to damage your enemy), Glitch (freak out enemies by teleporting randomly and rapidly all over the battlefield), Breachmaker (drop a model-sized Breachmaker on your target in an AoE explosion), and Ley Line Infusion (tap into ley lines to heal yourself...in an explosion of eye-searingly brilliant white light).

...nobody said being insane was easy. :tongue:

(Confession: I'm not really sure what Scarlet was like, since I wasn't playing the game during LW Season One...I only know a bit: she was completely nuts, and something about her being connected to Mordremoth and using holograms in the final fight against her. Or...something. XD Guess I'll figure it out when I watch the recap.)

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@Aurelian Omenkind.2470 said:

@Brother.1504 said:Legendary Chuck Norris stance. (Drops the mic)

Why not just call it the “god mode” button?

Legendary Chuck Norris Stance activates on its own. When you need it most. 10 elite abilities. All named win. No weapon skills. No tool tips. No one knows what the abilities do. No one dares to know what the abilities do.

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Eir Stegalkin Legendary ranger stanceNo healing skill[Ditch] jump away backwards 5k range.[Ranger's Charm] Eir starts talking applying fear to nearby foes.[Friend in need] Stab an ally, applies regeneration and heals nearby allies.Ult -[Norn's magic] Sacrifice yourself. Summons hungry wolf for 10 seconds.

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