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are 1 shot meme builds ok

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One shots aren't one shots anymore, and classes can't pull them off without running glass. I fought a glass warrior a while back who surprise instagibed our entire team in the first mid fight.

It caught us off guard, but we adapted and were able to play around her easily for the rest of the match. One mistake and she was dead.

If you want to run a high risk high reward build, more power to you.

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If the one shot uses up a fair amount of the classes traits and then utility skills to actually pull it off while running glass then it's OK in my book.

Where one shot builds are not OK is when it's all loaded onto 1 skill and then they have a full 2 weapons, all utility, elite and heal while multiple helpful traits onto those to fight with and multiple defences.

Risk vs Reward.

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One shot is usually a series of skills.

While Mesmer might have a series that all hit at the same time there aren’t too many that actually one shot.

And with the sustain going around atm the only way anyone is dying is if their opponents can actually do their entire health bar over a sequence of skills (half hp if you are targeting a necro lol).

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I'm kinda in the middle.

If they do lots damage but have really low sustain, like the way rangers have to do to deal with those 14k mauls or whatever, makes sense.

One-shot from invis? no

One-shots while spamming cc and going ham while also having defense? no.

I can forgive multiple classes for having massive dmg.

Warriors: You can kinda see where their rifle shots are going, so it might very well be possible to evade it.Rangers with longbow 3:Its channeling so you can evade out of its range and can hide behind. and maul can also be evaded the same with its pet attack.I haven't figured out how to deal with mesmers just yet, they are tricky.

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This is a game that gives every class 2 free invulnerability windows to avoid skill damage/effects entirely

The idea that you shouldn't be able to build in such a way that you both rely heavily on those as well as heavily punish those who don't use them is silly

People just get cranky because said meme builds often gank people who are already distracted and no one enjoys that so they take it out on the build when they probably would have lost the 2v1 no matter what showed up

The more you move from "high risk, high reward" the less rotations matter and the more dull combat becomes. It's why people hate fighting bunker builds.

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