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What is your earliest WvW memory?



  • My earliest memories are from... TODAY!! I just played WvW for the first time after starting playing 2 weeks ago.

    I haven't even got full exotics yet, just bought the cheapest exotic weapons speced for power, haven't bought expansions yet so I went in as D/P core with no mount. kitten if I didn't have fun though.

    Some highlights:

    • Being surprised when I started 2-0 for kills when I literally had no idea what I was doing (ended up on like 4-15), some dude wondered into the tail end of the zerg for the first one and was low enough to backstab, and the second one I jumped in on a low health guy at the edge of the fight- my hand was literally shaking from adrenaline.
    • Running around with the zerg and being largely useless on my power roaming build, using my bow of all things as I waited for vulnerable targets and mostly running away (when not dying).
    • Trying to kill a guy 1v1 while wondering why he was running away from me (doesn't he know I'm a nub?) and switching to bow to try to stagger him because that's how my brain works right now.
    • Leading the charge for the zerg on a guy running away using my thief mobility, and then immediately dying when he turned around because I didn't realise everyone else had given up.
    • Dying with the same teammate who I think was a fellow nub a few times over that I kept running into and developing an unspoken affection for him/her for our shared experience.

    I rate the experience 10/10 - will definitely come back and be useless again

  • DragonSlayer.1087DragonSlayer.1087 Member ✭✭✭
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    Spawned in one of the HomeBL, went to the spawn camp and got PK'd. It took me 4 years to return after that.

  • Balthazzarr.1349Balthazzarr.1349 Member ✭✭✭✭

    My earliest was going in with two of my friends not knowing what the place was. We got destroyed by some player with our bad pve builds, which weren’t even to be considered builds. I didn’t go back for a few months until I learned more about wvw.

    Just another WvW lifer who'll never say die... while dying again and again!

  • About 6mos after launch I had to do map completion. I was on EBG and needed that f'd viewpoint on green keep and anz Poi. I think I must have been red. I was being stubborn, no one would come help me with anz so I set up a ram on my own, running back and forth from the camp. I very slowly and pathetically thumped away at the door while meanwhile an entire enemy zerg broke down the opposite wall, flipped it and murdered me. For whatever the reason (was it shame?) this woke a fire in me for wvw and I have played -just a tiny bit- of wvw over the last eight years.

  • Gorani.7205Gorani.7205 Member ✭✭✭

    Never was a WvW main, never will be, but ...

    Trying to get map completion after being done with the PvE map part. Maps did not rotate that much and it took weeks, perhaps several months to get certain keeps and towers of some colours. Not being able to do that alone (contrary to all the PvE stuff) I eventually had to join commanders and learned tactics and strategies. after about 5-6 months after the game was released I did WvW regularly as a scout & roamer and that play style hasn't changed a lot up until now.

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    Never did WvW, untill I needed it for world completion. So I joined with my ele and after a few hours I was like, hmm why didnt I do this before..

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    My earliest memory was buying gw2 a few months after it was released because I was super interested in WvW. I thought that I would change the tide of battle with my lvl 16 ranger wearing a mish-mash of fine and masterwork gear. I joined EBG, followed the commanding tag into battle, only to get 1-shotted by some cleaving autoattack of an enemy.

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    Running around with a group of 5 or so friends on my first 80, sometime late '12 or early '13, cleric vanilla book-guard, yo B) .

    Then having to level up another class because we had too many (almost only) Guards, almost immidiately.
    Then having to level up another class that we basically had none of.
    Then deciding to level up another class to be nice and help out because a friend felt jailed on his main, only to be jailed in that role myself.

    That sums up vanilla, heh.

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    The first time I went into WvW was because all the other dailies looked annoying. I was on EBG, red corner, and not quite lvl 80. For the first half hour or so I just ran back and forth between Speldan and Overlook, escorting Yaks and repairing walls. Then I fought my way through the Dredge (which was not easy), dodged a few enemy groups and, by pure chance, ran into a friendly zerg.

    It was led by a massive Norn in glowing armor named Virtus Vis Maximus or something like that. He was easily the largest, most impressive figure I'd ever seen and he helmed the first group of allies I'd seen. I followed along for a while being more or less useless and somehow wound up joining his guild. He drilled us in all manner of zerg tactics and even had us go into EotM (my first and only time there) to test our tactics on enemy zergs. I stayed past when HoT dropped, oversaw the construction and material gathering for our guild hall and then...they all went to Dragonbrand and I declined to go with them.

    Somewhere in there I discovered the borderlands. There was a strong network of scouts on my server who had strong relationships with each commander. When not being schooled in how to zerg/command, I hung out with the scouts, upgraded buildings when I had gold, conspired with roamers to boot enemies back to spawn and cleaned up the aftermath of assaults by running supply from camps to walls. I remember one warrior (but not her name...) who I could call on to consistently 1v3 enemies. I fell in love with the map control aspect of WvW: I wanted to know where every enemy was, what they were up to, what impact it would have and so on.

    Eventually, the scouts slowly died out. I don't know why most left, but I personally went on hiatus due to the futility of defending on Alpine. If the enemy zerg was bigger, they steamrolled everything. It felt like nothing we did mattered in the face of a blob and blobs were becoming more and more common. After exhausting every method, I finally realized that I had to play flawlessly just for a small chance of creating a slight delay. In the worst of times, I'd switch to building solo catas on enemy fortifications and alerting commanders when I'd knocked a wall down.

    I came back when DBL released, and while the map was not without issues, it did give me greater ability to delay enemies if I played my cards right. While my zerg/comm training went mostly to waste, I was able to stage such effective defenses as to get a healthy amount of salt whispers. I had one commander (who tried to siege as if I didn't exist) threaten to quit the game with his whole guild if I didn't stop. The obscured paths made it more challenging to track multiple enemy groups by sight, but sentries and flipping shrines balanced it out. It seemed like the start of a great time aside from WvW being emptied out while people were forced into PvE to build guild halls. Kind of...all went downhill from there...

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    Arrowcart -> many many bags. Also, no valid path, no valid path, no valid path..... if i recall correctly i had garments from twilight arbor, condi stats, midnight ice dye (which cost small fortune back then) and was very proud of it.


  • Yeah,

    Seen Nebzie some month ago while roaming UW :). Nice memories.

    @Frenjo.9587 said:
    My earliest memory is sometime within the year after release while I was on Underworld (EU), running around in EBG outside of the green keep as a greatsword/staff Mesmer. Brilliant commander called Nebsie or something along those lines gave me a full set of 18 slot bags since I kept having to derail the zerg to empty my inventory. Took a little break and by the time I came back UW had collapsed, so a friend paid for my transfer and I moved to Eredon Terrace - been there ever since.
    Always miss Nebs, I wonder if he still plays?

    EDIT: Forgot to answer - I first realised I was a WvW main when it was the only gamemode that really got my attention, and it's sort of... All I've ever done, really. Nothing else has really ever captured my enjoyment. The sheer hilarity back in the first years of us all running around like headless chickens with no idea what was really going on will live in my mind forever.

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    My first memory... Being 1 shot by an elona thief between home and woodhaven as a mesmer (nov 2012)... Didn't really made me like the gamemode. (un)Fortunately, for me PvE lags were worse than WvW lags so I took a job as a scout.