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How many of the professions do you play?

Yannir.4132Yannir.4132 Member ✭✭✭✭

If you play less than all 9, please specify why.
If you only play a certain spec, or exclude a certain spec, talk about that too.
As someone that has always played all 9(or 8 before HoT) classes for one content or another, I never quite understood why many people don't. Alting is easy enough in this game. Help me understand. I mean I understand why you would exclude 1 or 2 professions if you just don't like them. I have those too but I do maintain a character for all classes anyway.

How many of the professions do you play? 144 votes

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"I'm a monkey that doesn't want to answer the question for reasons"
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  • 3

    Activaly 3 ... the rest is filler even tho i have all 9 classes

  • "I'm a monkey that doesn't want to answer the question for reasons"

    I just had to for reasons 8^)

  • SpellOfIniquity.1780SpellOfIniquity.1780 Member ✭✭✭
    edited November 6, 2018

    These are my character stats:

    I've tried every profession but have a bad habit of deleting characters I don't use. If you add up all the hours of my current characters, I'm missing about 3 - 4k from my total account play time. That's from alts that I've messed around with for a few days and gotten rid of.

    Just like IRL, I have a tendency to get rid of things I don't use. I'm a bit of a minimalist and dislike clutter. I'm also a completionist and like my characters to be "decked out" with all the goods I could ever need. Doing some of those things, like world completion, maxed inventory slots, all weapons legendary, all armor ascended/legendary, corresponding PvP title (eg. Champion Phantom/Hunter/Legionnaire/Genius, the ones I have), etc. takes a long time and a lot of effort. I do it both because it makes me comfortable and happy with my character(s) and because it helps to prevent me from deleting them if they start to collect dust. My Warrior for example doesn't get played very often, but I have everything "completed" on her so I refuse to get rid of her.

    Besides the reasons I've listed, I also: Just plain don't like Elementalist or Mesmer. I like Thief but hate myself every time I play it because I'm awful with it. And I find Guardian boring, but don't mind it.

    EDIT: Also, my Revenant is pretty new, as you can see in the stats there. Right now, I'm considering it a temporary character. Although I'm very much enjoying it, I don't think I like it enough to commit to the character completion. So that may end up another one of my deleted alts.

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  • Rysdude.3824Rysdude.3824 Member ✭✭✭✭

    3: my main, my main roamer and my main zerger. I have zerg alts but didnt count them.

  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭

    6, Holosmith - Dragonhunter - Berseker - Weaver - Reaper - Deadeye

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  • starlinvf.1358starlinvf.1358 Member ✭✭✭✭
    "I'm a monkey that doesn't want to answer the question for reasons"

    Monkey class for next expansion confirmed?

  • 5

    I just realized I voted 5 but I meant to vote 2 '-'

    Right now I play two professions (Warrior and Guardian, one character each) but I've tried them all.

    I'm only playing these two for mainly two reasons:

    1) They're professions I really identify with;

    2) I don't want more than two characters, in fact, I would be even happier If I only had one. I'm that kind of person that prefers to have just one character and dedicate my time and patience to that character only. Right now I'm trying to choose between my two characters but it's a difficult choice and I don't want to delete one and regret it later...

    In terms of elite specs, I play/will play:

    Guardian - Core
    Warrior - Core & Berserker

  • Vagrant.7206Vagrant.7206 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Just my engineer. Rest are storage characters or brought out only for raids. I can play other classes (guard, ranger, war, thief, necro), but I don't play them with any regularity.

    Why? My engi can do most everything, I'm most familiar and comfortable with it, and it doesn't bore me like most other classes do.

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  • 3

    It's not really true because I don't really switch between them.
    I play only 3 because my first char was thief. I enjoyed the fast pace gameplay and the quickness of dagger. Then I tried Rev when HoT released and enjoyed it for a while but I always come back to thief.
    Lately I discovered mesmer. I don't have all the elite spec but so far I enjoy the gameplay.
    Other spec or either to complicated for me (I'm not a piano guy) or the gameplay is too slow.
    I don't really have time to fully invest in all 9 profession (I don't even have ascended armor on my thief so)

  • Nimon.7840Nimon.7840 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Actively and having fun with it?

    One which is necro. Even though I only like the theme and not how the class actually plays.

    Then there's druid,Dragonhunter and holo for raids. But that's only very minor time

  • Jugglemonkey.8741Jugglemonkey.8741 Member ✭✭✭
    edited November 8, 2018

    I main thief, and I almost always end up playing the rogue archetype in these sort of games, so I guess it just fits my personality haha.

    I have made alts, but I've got a bad habit of deleting them as I get bored, or if game changes render a playstyle I liked more or less pointless (rip pre spec patch cele engi). I've deleted 5 thieves, 4 engis, 4 or 5 rangers (I forget), 3 warriors, 3 revenants, 1 mesmer and 1 necro at lv 80 that I remember, and I have no desire to play ele or guardian whatsoever. I have more than 5k hours on my main thief, the others were more or less for different builds and for fun.

    I currently have an engi, warrior and ranger as alts, but I hardly play them outside of duels when people get annoyed with me on thief haha.

    Critical Kit, Deadeye.

  • 4

    I actively play 4, but have all. Plus I have alt's for 4 of them depending if i'm running with a group or roaming.

  • Edge.8724Edge.8724 Member ✭✭✭

    I have 5 maybe 6 professions, but only really play 2. I don't know, I just like their concept and not the other's. My 2 professions are Warrior and Guardian. Mostly playing Warrior-like classes in any fantasy games except in all the Final Fantasy games that have that; my main's a Red Mage there.

  • 9

    The more you play each profession, the better you understand all of them, and the better you are at both playing with and against them.

    It also helps figuring out if someone is cheating. If you know what everyone can do, you can know what's impossible. If you see someone doing something you know is (or should be) impossible, that's likely cheating in some way, like exploiting a bug or using a third party tool to cheat.

  • Yannir.4132Yannir.4132 Member ✭✭✭✭

    7 seems like an unpopular option.

    @MithranArkanere.8957 has a good point. Can't tell how many times I've seen false accusations of cheating because of an interaction that's obvious to me but someone else has never seen before. I regularly get accused of "damage hacks" because Righteous Instincts while I'm on Core Guardian.

  • Zunki.3916Zunki.3916 Member ✭✭✭
    edited November 9, 2018

    I only play ele, but in all variations. Cdps, dps and support. I primarily pug raid.

    I experiment a lot with different builds for different bosses, use ranged and melee variants and even hybrid stuff for open world or to healdps carry some fractal situations.

    Viable != Optimal

    Not viable = You only get carried, 10 players with a build as "viable as yours" can't properly do it.

  • Buran.3796Buran.3796 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited November 10, 2018

    I can play 4 of the 9 classes amongst the 12 characters I have, but only main 1-2 and most of the time I only use one build at every content in the game (which is PvP based). Reason: I don't like to "change the chip" and to lose muscular memory, and I don't want to learn PvE builds which are useless when you fight humans while roaming or playing Conquest. I'm only interested in builds which works against the hadest content and that content is another human, not potato I.A. bosses.

  • 3

    3 Regular classes, dangle in another 3

  • Meestercat.2748Meestercat.2748 Member ✭✭
    edited November 10, 2018

    I voted 7 (because I don’t have enough character slots to have one for each class). I probably use 3 more heavily, but all 7 get used periodically.

    I tend to gorge on one for a week, then gorge on another and so on.

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  • Pterikdactyl.7630Pterikdactyl.7630 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I have spent a large amount of time playing 3: ranger, revenant, and thief.
    I have spent a fairly large amount of time playing 2: elementalist and mesmer.
    I have spent a fairly small amount of time playing 2: necromancer and guardian.
    I have spent very minimal time playing 2: engineer and warrior.

    I have all classes at level 80, but that doesn't really mean much since tomes are handed out like candy.

    To answer the question, I would say 7.

  • 9


    The horror...…….the horror...…….the horror...…….

  • otto.5684otto.5684 Member ✭✭✭✭

    It depends on what you define as “play.” If it is a question of how if I have a leve 80 and played for more than 5 hours then I played all 9. Though I consistently play guardian, Mesmer and rev in PvE and only guardian in sPvP. However, I occasionally play all other classes. With the exception of engi I played at least 5 minutes on every class last week.

    Engi is my least played class. I have not even unlocked holo.

  • 9

    I have all 9 and play them all to varying degrees. They are all lvl 80 with all skill trees unlocked, max inventory (20 bags, not 32) and a mix of exotic and ascended gear with a few legendary pieces. But when I actually play I tend to use 1-2 builds per character and not really mix or experiment a lot. If they'd ever add build templates and streamline the gear storage I might experiment more but as it stands I tend to stick with a build.

  • Teratus.2859Teratus.2859 Member ✭✭✭✭
    "I'm a monkey that doesn't want to answer the question for reasons"


    References aside :D
    I have at least one of each class although there are a few I don't play often.
    Mesmer, Ele and Revenant are 3 I find difficult and a bit off putting since I don't get them to well or find them akward to use.

    Mostly I play Ranger and Necromancer because I have more experience with them and find them the most enjoyable to play.

  • Fenella.2634Fenella.2634 Member ✭✭✭

    I don't delete alts (yet), so I'm limited by character slots. Currently I have six slots on my account, all of them different professions. I actively play five of those, mainly necro (scourge & core, never reaper). Also ranger, elementalist, thief and lately mesmer. The sixth character is a warrior. I find myself unable to get into warrior gameplay, same as with reaper. I just can't make them work. I still keep that char around for crafting and minor farming. And maybe someday he'll become useful, I don't know.

  • 9

    almost every class gives a new experience of the game play .... guardian is different from warrior... ranger from necro... well done Anet

  • InsaneQR.7412InsaneQR.7412 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I play all:
    ranger main
    Guardian and mesmer as main alts
    Thief, engineer and ele rarely, but i like to play them, especially for breath of fresh air from my main.
    Necro and rev are my least played.

  • 1


    The only reason is that, though I really enjoy the game, I don't play it much. I've always focused on one main character, with quick test of others professions for flavour.

    Warrior, btw. The only spec I no longer play is simply the core profession. I used almost exclusively spellbreaker but i like berserker a lot too

  • 2

    Just two, and most likely only two for as long as I dare say. Herald and Holo, my two mains that I've dedicated almost everything onto: learning wvw/pvp and completing most of the pve content on them. My reason is that I spent all my time on these characters, that I don't wish nor care to try or change to other classes. Besides, after maining engi for 6 years, I don't think I could get bored of Herald/Holo anytime soon.

  • 7

    I just can't get in to Rangers and Warriors. I don't like those classes, no matter how much I try.

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  • MrForz.1953MrForz.1953 Member ✭✭✭

    Originally I'd have said Engineer only but I happen to invest some resources in Thief and Warrior.

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  • DemonSeed.3528DemonSeed.3528 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I play all classes and elites, all power/hybrid/condi and all weapon sets. The only one I have used the least is probably renegade unfortunately but here's to hoping a rework happens before next expac.

  • Lexi.1398Lexi.1398 Member ✭✭✭

    most used would be my mesmers, helps that my 3 fave builds are all mes. use for all content.

    next most played would be my ranger (slb) for anything that needs ranged/whenever im too lazy to do combat properly (a lot, and also because i love her aesthetic), guardian (ls3 farm + world boss train). after comes rev who i use for most open world content, but less than others because she holds a lot of legendary-building junk so i cant use her as much as i want.

    my necro after, but her only use is gold farm so when i'm lazy she gets sidelined, i wanna use necro more but i need another character for reaper builds first. then warrior (ls4 farm + wvw), theif (PoF stuff, i just like it thematically), engineer (im reaaaally bad at engi so i use mostly for anything in open world that has a big need for cc), and finally ele i use the least of all- mostly because it's a lot of effort for something all the other builds do better, and probably the only profession i could consider that i dont play enough to warrant me answering 9 instead of 8 here, buuut my eles make about third choice when it comes to a given PvE content because i'm too much of a nub for it but i have a LOT of fun using it.

    i like to use whatever takes my fancy at the time, so they all get quite a bit of use because there isn't a single profession or build i find boring to use (except pistol theif), though i have strong preferences towards mes builds. xD

  • 2

    First of all ... great poll ! Thankfully no kitten topic :D

    I voted 2. I Play my Rev and my Necro (Core/Reaper). I used to play mesmer 'three' when Condi Chrono were viable. I dont own PoF cause i dont have that much time left for gaming and i personally dont need the PvE content - > over 90% of the time PvP.

  • 4

    In every MMORPG I play for an extended period of time, I create a network of assistants & helpers to organize my stuff and to get different tasks done. In Guild Wars 2 I use Asura Thieves. I really like the lore behind Asuras and enjoy having small, cute and intelligent creatures around. I currently use three of them. One is my old main, basically the only armed one which has level 80. He is one of my main-crafters, stealth-specialist (for getting friends and other people into hard to reach locations) and a special storage-character for extremely rare materials. The 2nd Asura Thief is is also a stealth-specialist with a special movement-build (to outrun a raptor), currently used as a bag-opener. The 3rd Asura Thief is my personal favourite, a level 32 Jumping Puzzle character, geared to travel level 80 zones without mounts, utilizing stealth and other tricks. I love playing him, although he is technically a 1-shot for most creatures. I use the thieves a lot, sometimes to aid other people, mostly to solve some tasks. At last I would like to mention that I cannot play thief for real, I am a horrible thief player (damage wise). The level 80 one is on a crazy clone-build, fun to play but not efficient.

    Originally designed as a farm-character, I rarely farm with him. It is geared to survive zergs and HoT content and could even be used in fractals. I often use him as a DPS option for easier fights and completing story missions. It is the only character I own, which I unlocked an entire weapon-skin-set for, just for the looks. I only own one guardian, but I really enjoy playing it.

    Created as a joke to mock a certain group of people, my giant cat is dressed in a costume of a asian fair dragon. Largest character-box possible, to prove that Jumping Puzzles are not a matter of size at all. Whenever I explore a new map on my main, he has to explore it after. I need the portals to help friends and guild-members, he is also my guild-puzzle character. Using a very weird dps build, I usually just mash buttons in combat. For some weird reason the enemies are always dead, I am always alive - especially against champions. It is a mere mystery for me, why button-mashing works so well on this one. But to be honest, he is dressed like a jester. So I think it is ok? I have a lot of fun using him, he is basically my left hand in the game.

    My only main for more than 5 years now, yay. Currently playing two scrapper builds, condition and power. Neither of them can be considered efficient, but I enjoy playing it. It is the only character I have 3 full ascended sets + 1 legendary weapon on. The inventory is filled with environmental weapons and all sorts of gizmos and toys. I have most experience with this character and play almost everything with it. The builds are optimized on survival and group-support. Currently working on a dps build, using the Holosmith 'urgh'. Whenever I see another Scrapper, I greet him.

  • Lucas.3718Lucas.3718 Member ✭✭
    edited November 20, 2018

    i may have 8 character slots but i still struggle about what i should main between guardian,thief and engineer. im just using bannerslave warrior if one is needed.
    I was a guardian main since launch but kinda broke up since hot cuz i liked rev. then rev got nerfed into the ground and i came back to guardian.
    I started to play thief since i started to raid occasionaly because he can dish out high damage with little to no effort. and engineer is my pick as a new raid class since snow crow says power holo can be played everywhere.
    but the class ive truly mastered is guardian, no question.

  • SoulSin.5682SoulSin.5682 Member ✭✭✭

    I believe that the answer takes a personal level here.

    For example, I have one character for every class, but even tough I sometimes play each class I don't know or have mastered all characteristics for each class.
    In that point, for me is the same as saying I don't play that class.

    I have in dept knowledge of Thieves and Guardians as my most played classes.
    Followed up by Necromancer, Warrior and Mesmer. I know most metabuilds for those classes and some of their gameplay mechanics, but i don't know every characteristic for their traits and weapon set synergy like the 2 above.

    Engineer I am currently learning.

    The others I have never used outside dungeons and open world and I barely equipped then fully.

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