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The elite spec you want for your main



  • Matoro.9708Matoro.9708 Member ✭✭✭

    Crossbow/shortbow engineer. Tags enemies with sticky detonators and ionizers for explosions and charging up shock arcs, think that one heavy weapon from Mass Effect 2. Seeing as gyros are dead, a combat drone in a similar vein is an idea, but that's just copying. Though tech mines from ME1 were cool. Unsurprisingly, engineer in that franchise did a lot right.

    I would be happy if they supplement it with a turret rework that work in a way I've laid out before, either leaving it with core, or replacing core skills with something new. Engineer has a lot of useless skills, lets tie them all together and make good horizontal gameplay, not pay $40 for vertical improvements.

    Society either needs a turret rework or to free bobby schmurda and I wonder which comes first?

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