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PvEers/ Raiders/ SPvPers/WvWers/Fractalers etc what do you want next that will satisfy you in GW2?



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    Changing the tournament times back to how it was, now its almost impossible to do a tournament in the past I could a couple when I could
    Now I'm always waiting for one....

    1. Ditch raides -same as you did with dungeons 2. Rework some of e spec such as Druid (which was made for raides) 3. Harder world boss and dynamic events. 4. Pvp update
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    Everything in this thread is better than anything ANET has come up with in 12 months

    Dilly Dilly

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    @Swagger.1459 said:

    @TheGrimm.5624 said:

    @Swagger.1459 said:

    @Knighthonor.4061 said:
    PvEers/ Raiders/ SPvPers/WvWers/Fractalers etc what do you want next that will satisfy you in GW2?

    Give a clear answer to what exactly you want to be done to the game that will make you happy.

    The devs made different sections on the forums purposely, and that’s where specific feedback about those modes go... Use them if you had ideas, because the devs aren’t going to sort through this thread in the general section...





    I will counter that, moderators have already said they review and forward summarize feedback. If anything this thread has value since it concatenates those in one spot.

    No, sorry. There is a reason why modes are separated out. 1- It’s logical. 2- It makes it easier to go through information being posted.

    There were also individuals in charge of monitoring specific sections and reporting back any useful or interesting info back to the devs. Also makes the devs job easier to scan for anything interesting in sections that relate to what their role is.

    Are you new to the forums?

    Yes you have never seen any of my 1.1K replies nor me of any of your 1.1K replies. Nice to meet you, its always good for new people to meet other new posters. Swagger, really, why go there, we have agreed and disagreed in the past on other things. Really, with a cheap shot?

    Agree in the past they used non-devs to summarize sections of the forum and I have not seen if they are or are not doing that now. I have seen recently where the web moderators say they are checking into things with other devs. But the dev team has been more directly active over time with the community and the community teams has been more active to post they are sharing feedback with developers on issues. My guess is some are more and some less active on the forum. I don't disagree that conversations posted in more detailed subsections might have better chance to draw an eye of a dev, but to think that the general discussion is ignored, I don't agree there.

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    Going back and fixing things in older maps, especially meta events like the Orr temples. There are quite a few things in Core Tyria that could benefit from the treatment newer maps have gotten. Even some of the Living World maps could use a bit of a touch up.

    As for the PvP modes...better balance and better rewards for WvW in particular. If the rewards for WvW don't improve I'll also accept sPvP getting a Gift of Battle reward track instead. Though to my understanding, it looks like they're working on both of those already.

    Edit: Oh yeah. And for Season 1 to somehow return. And for dungeons to be worked on.

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    • 3-dimensional exploration maps like Tangled Depths and Draconis Mons
    • scavenger hunt collections like some of the precursor/legendary journeys or the Skyscale collection
    • craftable minis like the Aurene mini from Bitterfrost, with a good mix of special (dropped) and regular (wood, ore, ...) ingredients (dungeon mini collection anyone?)
  • @Blood Red Arachnid.2493 said:
    Swimsuits. Those will definitely satisfy me. ;)

    Goodnight everybody!

    I want a scuba suit

  • While it's too late to be in timely fashion, I'd like Anet to come good on the promises to the WvW and PvP community. I don't play either of the game modes nearly enough myself, but the neglect is just embarrassing now.
    From a PvE perspective, I would like to see a new expansion with the following features in no particular order

    New story in a giant chunk as opposed to short 2h format every 2-3 months
    New elite specs
    New old school dungeons with story and challenge modes
    New raids
    New fractals
    New weapon types
    New masteries for more horizontal progression
    Reworking of crafting to make it more meaningful across all proficiencies

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    bikini armors.
    heavy bikini armors.
    very heavy and durable bikini armors.
    tougher than mithril.

  • My list:

    • New playable content; something worth doing more than once.
    • Bring dungeons back to life.
    • New raid.
    • Weapon reworks: necro staff, rifle engi, hammer guardian and more.
    • Some skill reworks. They did it with Guardian's spirit weapons and Thief's traps. Now I want to see minions and turrets.
    • Make World Bosses more rewarding.
    • Dyeable backpacks.
    • When you play condi ele with dagger mainhand and AA doesn't inflict burning, but you literally shot fire.
    • More Mystic Coin sources. They're expensive af and you can get them only from login reward (20 per month) or fractals.
    • Allow us to store KPs from raids in Material Storage. They're crafting materials for scribe.

    My super idea for loot system:
    An option, a personal list of items that won't appear in your backpack. You can add every item you like and you're sure you won't loot it anymore, e.g. you got a Broken Lockpick. Right-click -> Add to no-loot list -> Done, you won't see it anymore in your inventory.


    • Make markings in LFG for HoT and PoF maps or separate them somehow.
    • Disable invisible walls on some objects like Octovines or Forged Canons. I play deadeye, I can't use Deadeye's Mark because "No line of sigh".
    • Make stealth break enemy's targeting. I'm sick of getting attacked in stealth because some mob triggered me.
    • Fix a bug with invulnerability on PoF mobs (Branded Awakened). No, I didn't drag them too far from their spawn. THEY WERE AT THEIR SPAWN.
    • Rifts in Jahai, increase chance to spawn an event.
    • Fix areas that prevent us to use teleport skills, e.g. in Specimen Chamber. "No valid path".
    • Fix random skill interrupt. Sometimes you can cancel channeling a skill only by moving. I failed my rotation countless times only because 1 skill didn't work (and got +3 secs CD).

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    Give me back my canthan PvP and gothic kurzicks and this game go to the moon for all i care, i'll be a happy ranger. :3

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    A single player mode added to the 'story' version of dungeons, does not require loot rewards, but would allow people with social anxiety to experience the story.

    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

    1. A new class
    2. A new playable race
    3. Better story with more choices and meaningful consequences.
    4. More and better in-game skins. Mounts and gliders included.
  • PVE:
    1. More raids, fractals
    2. new game mode(be housing, be garrison, something new)

    1. new game modes (screw balance. remove only the cheese)
    2. core only events/seasons.

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    General (all game modes):

    1. Edited Addition Please for the love of God make the guild system actually integrate into many more things in it already does. Raise the importance of what it means to be in the guild. Whether that means additional services, locations, items, Etc., just add more guild-centric content! The fact that ESO has a better Guild system than Guild Wars 2 is a little bit ludicrous. Also, I know the "Guild Wars" are a historical period in the game lore, but come on! Lean into it more! See my comments below for more GvG content!

    2. Make Spear and Trident terrestrial weapons. Both can be used as martial or caster weapons if need be. One handed or two handed.

    3. Related to 1., more weapon types, not just reshuffling weapons on elite specs. I'm just suggesting, implementation is up to Anet.
    4. Toughness Reimagined: Every certain amount of toughness over 1000 is not only a flat damage reduction as it exists, but additionally REMOVES critical damage received. Some of these damage spikes in the competitive modes are absurd, and it might be nice to wade into a crazy melee in PvE and CC things for days as your job or something.
    5. New Elite Specializations or Class (I know class is unlikely or not at all likely, but I'll take a surprise)
    6. New Maps for each game mode. Just a sign of attention and curating each mode.
    7. Going back to older content to make sure it's up to snuff.
    9. All gemstore items are available for purchase at any time. Rotating sales are still possible, just allow every item to be picked up at the players discretion. It's called artificial scarcity the way things are right now, and it's not psychologically healthy and rides the line between ethical/unethical.

    PvE (Including Raids/Fractals):

    1. Elite Zones. Full maps that encourage more organized small-group to mid-sized group play to push metas. Think Underwold, Fissure of Woe, and Domain of Anguish from the first game. Even if it has to be queued.
    2. General redesign of what PvE encounters mean. More mini-boss type mobs that encourage people to group to take down.
    3. Rewards that mean something. Even including raids and fractals, seeing a bunch of loot boxes that open up into green, blue, and even yellow items is not really very significant at this time. If Exotics and Ascended/Leg equipment is easy for people to get through various means across game modes, then armor/weapon loot as they exist don't have any significance except monetary for the TP or salvage. I'm not saying I want "less" off those, I'm saying consider other items, rewards that are tangible and mean something.
    4. Mastery localization. Many masteries are only useful in certain geographic locations, limiting the impact of the system. Must be addressed.
    5. Much, MUCH more profession related content. Story, mentors, disciples, etc Your character is part of a PROFESSION. Time to profess.
    6. If following an episodic story telling format between large drops [read: expansions]…. please make them a bit beefier than a few hours on an evening for story.
    7. An expansion.


    1. More game modes. Stronghold was a good idea, just not supported/changed enough to make it a competitor to conquest. Frankly, take ideas from your GW1 examples: Fort Aspenwood/Jade Quarry: (GW2 only players look it up in GW1 wiki). FA: Assault/Defense style map with multiple points of progress and win conditions. Jade Quarry: Escort/Node Generation mission with predetermined paths that allowed for niche builds to exist. This would also happen in GW2, believe me.
    2. Balance. Just. Balance.
    3. Community Events: Bonus events for non-ranked PvP that provide players with very tangible rewards. As a result, hopefully more people will flood ranked and then take the same idea, but make Ranked have significant rewards. (I know ranked already has a monetary reward in pip tracks, but this is more of a "come play PvP" outreach idea.
    4. Try things. Try anything. Just show people the mode means something and is trying to be innovative. Heck, even if it's not innovative, we likely don't have it in there and it would be a new experience.
    5. An Expansion.


    1. Balance. Steps in the right direction with communication appear to be being taken, so good.
    2. Roll out that alliance update. It's a very important change that has many implications for how "business" is handled in WvW.
    3. Try new things. Then get feedback. Then try a new version. Refine. Horray!
    4. Oddly Specific: Please allow shield generator "Force Wall" skill to dismount or otherwise impair mounted cavalry as they attempt to cross. It can do a lot for choke point defense and the "2nd Healthbar" that mounts provide. Also, possibly mount-target only traps that dismount or remove some endurance.
    5. An Expansion.

    Possibly add:

    Dedicated Guild Vs Guild content. Alliance Battles (not WvW, but smaller scale GvG content. Something like 16v16) use Guild Halls as the staging grounds. They're each large enough to be assaulted in various ways and can be really neat competitive maps if changed slightly. I've got many different ideas on how it could work.
    And an expansion.

    Potential requires action in order to be realized.

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    I would like gvg or pvp arenas in the middle of major cities...blocked off and not interfering with activites but observable by all
    regular wvw focused events and updates
    new elite specs
    rarely used weapon and skill updates
    wvw victories that mean something

    and for everyone else:
    Pve, give them housing...they have patiently waited
    PVP give them maps and new games other than conquest....they deserve variety
    Make attempts at communicating with all aspects of the game on a regular, community-wide basis

    Dilly Dilly

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    infusion drop (worth 5k + gold)
    permanent kits drop from black lion chests. (hairstyle or bank or extract)

    fishing like in wow. (but others first)

    and maybe some nice outfit or glider or mount skins from black lion chest (drop) for me.

    want to have aurene outfit code

    further nothing i want.

    this is all to make me happy again. i am a loot goblin. there were times i got nice loot and when i am happy i sometimes buy gems for support and upgrades for me. but now i first want expensive loot. everything i want is expensive or behind rng.

    the aurene outfit code can make me happy again (irl i am happy)

  • revive dungeons

  • I miss Dungeons. :(
    When GW2 first came out, Dungeons were so fun (and frustrating)
    Without Dungeons, PVE just doesn't feel like PVE.
    I wished we had 5 dungeons for every expac that came out.

  • I want Alliances to finally be released along side Tournaments that happens once a quarter with sweet new rewards.

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    I like the game as it is. That is why I play so much. So, just keep on keeping on.
    I would love to see no more jumping puzzles ha ha ...but I suppose some people like them, so I will continue to ignore jumping puzzles :)

    1. Norn update, more appropriate to their lore. (They should either go beast form whenever in combat, or have a choice to always be in it.) With longer hairs, beards and more viking/celtic themed items and armor.
    2. Charr update (Optional upright posture.) more horns, and better hairs that don't look stupid.
    3. More E-specs or a new class, potentially a new race to spice things up. (It's content for me, don't care of people wouldn't like it. New ways to play is cool, new people to play as are cooler.)
    4. Guilds being worth something, and more guild halls and things to do as a guild.
    5. WvW remake, alongside the restructure and new maps for WvW of the quality of today's standards. Bring in all the masteries from HoT (updrafts, leyline gliding, mushrooms ect) and make larger more dynamic maps.
    6. New weapon types
    7. hopefully we are getting a better story than PoF, since its the two best races in the game center stage.
    8. More re-playable content thats fun to do and isn't just stuff to increase Acheivo-points while being centered around collections. (make it worth doing on different chars.)
    9. Core map overhauls
    10. A slider so I Can turn off peoples infusions/legendary effects so I only see mine. (I legit just want to see my legendary weapon, not the glitter balls people decide to make out of themselves.)
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    New Elite Specs, as new tools to play content with can refresh all existing content somewhat while providing plenty of content in of itself with build craft etc.
    More Core Trait, weapon and Utility reworks of Traits and Skills which are under performing/rarely if ever used since years.

    Return to and bigger focus on Fractal CM's, as the last one was added over 2 years ago, which isn't exactly a survivable pace for endgame content.
    New goals/titles/rewards/reward systems, while I'm sure I'm a minority in the fact that I could buy Fractal God a second time all over again by now, there is nothing really to go for or spend things on aside from ascended gear which is already piling up even though frequently salvaged anyway. Anything new and potentially repeatable for vets to go for would be nice.
    Just more frequent Fractals.

    Some sort of reward system for repeating Raids, even if it's just half of what you get for the first weekly clear.
    Some incentive to repeat CM's.
    Just more frequent Raids.

    Better balance, although that seems to be coming along lately.
    Otherwise most of my issues with the game mode stem from the extremely low population which in part is leading to horrendous matchmaking turning most matches into a complete stomp either way.

    Alliance system.
    Buff to rewards gained in the game mode/pips.
    Incentive to win "matches" and the facilitation of competing communities.
    Lot's of balancing.

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  • I'd love Cantha!

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    So many things I want, here is everything I'm concerned about/want, 1 idea per paragraph:

    Firslty, turn gen 2 legendaries into gen 1 bis. The system of gen 2 is the worse I've ever seen. :o Compared to gen 1, it requires ton more of mats at a point it stinks. Seriously, no little story and quests, a pure grind hell: So I need 160 mystic curios, then I need the same amount of elder wood and mithril ingot I've just spent to turn them into shard of dark arts. :( Like It wasn't enough, now that I have ars goetia, I NEED AGAIN 100 MYSTIC CURIO, to make another 100 Shards! WANT MORE?! Sure: you need 100 funerary essences (understand 100 amalgamated gemstone) and 100 icy runestones! ;( Nah nah it's easy, you also need 77 Mystics clovers, 250 mystics coins, 2 CONDENSED GIFTS OF MIGHT and 2 CONDENSED GIFTS OF MAGIC. But also, gift of glory, war, battle, mystic tribute. WOW SO MUCH FUN. :angry:
    SEE ANET, That's what push me away, giving me the envy to leave the game. I DON'T WANT/I DON'T HAVE TIME to farm MINDLESSY the SAME EVENT 1 MILLION TIME (literally..) TO EARN A GOLD AMOUNT INFERIOR TO AN INQUEST INTERN MONTHLY PAY!!! ;'( :o I don't even generate enough gold to buy cultural armors. But to return to the legendaries, gen two is quaggan poo, it's just bad, not attractive, you can't sell them, no steps, boring, just farm. It just feel rushed without any point. And I recommand you to check the prices between gen 1 and gen 2. Just compare them, you will see how the system is flawed. :/

    Secondly, exploration. :D Recently I've learned asuran script and I've translated several texts around Tyria. And I'm DISAPOINTED to see a same text is used on several objects instead of creating a new one just for it making it enriching for the game atmosphere and lore. :anguished: It seems some texts aren't even respecting the culture of races within the game: :astonished: Demonstration banners near Dr Bleent in metrica province, random asuran letters are put on it A SHAME! At least make it coherent! It should have world like "Stop" "Free" "Release the oozes!" "Bookah!" "Impostor!" "Bleent = Evil" ;D
    Not Eze Fsee rfhhj...... :(
    To continue on it, Rata sum could host holographic panes with news moving on it, really no need to put something important, just thing like "breaking news: doctor plinks arrested for contamining fishes with a mysterious substance" "remember: this evening is organized a party at the statics dormitory" it just make the world more living, it has been made with rata novus with the instructors and all the events. :) Rata Primus was fine but kinda empty, no log, no pa announcers..... (story, map is very nice regarding that).
    Rata Arcanum is one of my favourite places with the stop the inquest gate event. All the agents passing the gate and shouting "woohoo", "here i come!", "I made it!", I know it sounds well basic, but ambirnt dialogues are priceless, sandswept isles and rata arcanum were awesome due to their dialogue and environment. Even the end of event when we fight the power suit mk3: once defeated, you have an inquest nsr4 pilot, with a cool dialogue "tactical retreat! it's not the end! I will make you regret this!" Dunno if it's a reference to eggman in sonic, but it's for those little things that I enjoy that game so much.
    Another example is the little hut of godlost swamp with the necromant, that hidden event with the book and fleshreaver is a cool easter egg. :+1:

    Thirdly a new game mode, combining pve/pvp/wvw, like factions in gw1:
    See https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/71717/idea-new-gamemode#latest too long to explain, need a thread for itself.

    The uniformity, homogenity, I can't believe that before a new episode is made, that the previous ones have been checked concerning implied organization, already established elements and previous plots.
    Since the end of season 2, we got 0 news from aetherblades (no it doesn't work like "they're all dead". I suppose pirates of Istan and so the ones of kourna are former aetherblades but never been confirmed. We haven't properly explored Scarlet's character past/consequences. ONE DAY MAYBE WE WILL KNOW HOW SHE TELEPORTED A DRILL THE SIZE OF TYRIA ON LA. :lol: Asuran gates? Inquest Teleporters? If that can pass still dunno why Inquest haven't teleported yet Exterminator golems in main cities. I don't speak about the whole mordremoth-corrupted sylvaris and Mallyck arc, just non sense, all ignored, scrapped. :scream:

    Let's now speak about the greatest joke of all time, they deserve a paragraph, Inquest.
    (It's a serious, powerful threat but always shown as noobs, always fail, badly used, through in draconis mons and core was okay) Btw, I could have spoke about centaurs, quaggans and grawls absence in recent ls. It's kinda sad the old core races have been forgotten just like FORGOTTEN /jk, yeah I leave....

    0-In Crucible of Eternity/Sorrow Embrace they were able to build specialized golems and have special troops: juggernaut, mark P defensive golem, mark T offensive golem, mark X..... they even have medic and megablaster. Enemies we will never saw again.
    1-During LS1 they're able to build a fleet similar to the pact, and they created the uniforms and equipments of the aetherblades. In silverwastes it's said that scarlet used steam creatures to transport some equipments, the rest, teleported on location. Inquest teleporter abandonned here. No more inquest airships?
    2-During LS3, Rata Arcanum came with ton of interesting points: They are able to establish encampments and have data pads to store datas and configure their equipments. First time we see inquest miner. Also a special kind of defense: target marking projector trigerring cannon turrets. Never saw after again. Ah and the nice NSR4 pilot, don't know why it's now called inquest pilot....
    3-LS4. Introduction of labs in the continuity of crucible of eternity. BUT here come a huge hole in the logic. In the story, we have exterminator, centurion,phallanx,ballista and cube golems. None of them are found within the map! Plus, why no airships, no turrets from rata arcanum? But here is the greatest mistake: episode 1 in farahnur show us the facility used to have new types of members: SCRAPPER INQUEST (bomber), SUPERVISOR, ENFORCER. You can't add them and then ignore them the episode after. But seriously the one missing the more are medics and megablasters to defend the complex.
    Why no supervision golems? I mean it's obvious they've recognized the awakened, the director spoke about them in lab sigma 5 and still, no defense? It's impossible for awakened or joko to pass througj gates and invading the cube, Asura are able to create selective gates and portals, proof: crucible of eternity + lab sigma 5.

    Originally what brought me to the game was quests, I'm sad they got nerfed, more obvious ones in metrica province: At the beginning, incomp optics used to put you into a golem now they lend you a golem, it's worse. :disappointed_relieved: The RC golems aren't usable anymore, Inquest poison dispensers was in the lake, not within the hylek village. :/ And the famous inquest stone gates of disrupt sinister triade quest in brisban wildlands which has been removed. I have no idea who changed all the quests but it's the most awful and stupid idea ever, you ruined one of the best aspects of the game: interactivity within quests. I don't care about the speedrunners wanting to complete all the maps in two days. I want to enjoy the quests fully like how they were back in 2013. :) It just requires re adding the interaction and some assets. :+1:

    To end this, the unfinished plots.
    Since ls3, Phlunt and councellors are investigating in Rata Novus and still, no news from them. HoT story: Is that secret last room of rata novus, leading to a closed door means something? :) I'm sad that we can't explore the cube shown on tangled depths map. What about the remnants in dragon stand? Not even an interactable object. Feelsbad. The whole lore feel like a very bad film plot, something is put just for the sake of putting it, no explanation. Can continue with the ruined path at the north part of sandswept: asuran lab or not?

    Now, the future: I want new maps, no gw2 remake of gw1 maps. So woodlands cascades, scavenger's causeway, north of maguuma wastes, unending ocean. (Still, happy for charr homelands and kodan)
    A proper balance, with no overpowered class or overnerfed class with each proper viable roles. Raids accessible to all more easily not meta builds only. With a decent difficulty. So maybe strike missions will be that. I'm impatient to play Icebrood Saga.

    AH and If I play ENGINEER ASURA I want to drop ASURAN TURRETS please, and not regular humans ones, even charrs should have their own turrets. Assets are already here just use them. :D
    I also want an asura centric exploration/expansion. Rata novus was overwhelming, no traces, not asuran script, no data logs, poor environment with some broken assets. Their past have to be properly investigated. Especially now if the saga is covering norn and charrs, the only race left is Asura. :skull: It's gloomy and just unrealistic to state that all asuran undergroud cities have been fully destroyed and all their inhabitants killed. Rata Novus proved again had a powerfull perimeter cannons and vault doors.

    I just want to be rewarded for playing, greatly, and not after doing 6 hours of the same events. It's not fun. Ascended gear/mats boxes outside of fractals/raids. Racial Guild hall decos to make a lab, a charr town or norn tavern.... craftable npcs for guild hall like super cloud but instead, peacemaker, lion's guard, pact, charr soldier...

    +++In creative mood. New Engie Elite spec' , Housing , New asuran expansion , Designing a new lounge , New GameMode
    +++NEW: AEP Asuran Expansion Project available on WIKI.
    +++New: GEM GW2 Exploration Map: Discover unusual places around tyria: Here (OSM map)

  • Any game of this type needs a roguelike dungeon:
    You know the drill: start at lvl1 on the first floor with basic equipment. Then make your way to the 50th lvl and slay the wizard of Niwram.
    Bring back his amulet to ascend a piece of gear.
    On the way, collect unidentified wands, scrolls, potions, food and equipment... And never enter in a fair fight. If you die, you're back at square one.

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    New skills, weapons and/or elite lines.

  • Ashen.2907Ashen.2907 Member ✭✭✭✭

    CC immunity after being affected by CC.
    Effective FX slider.
    Removal of ascended tier gear.
    A truly petless option for ranger.

  • I'm pretty easy. More long hair and facial hair options for asura.

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  • More Lag would be great

  • @godofcows.2451 said:
    bikini armors.
    heavy bikini armors.
    very heavy and durable bikini armors.
    tougher than mithril.

    And no butt cape

  • An easier mode for raids would bring me back into the game and hold me for all the raid-related achievements and collections. The current difficulty level makes it impossible to get into raids with a reasonable amount of time. Ok, you can try and fail every boss 100 times before you succeed once with the current difficulty level, but that's not fun, so it's no content for me. I've done the other pve-contents over and over enough, so that's about the last thing that's still open for me.

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  • Eddbopkins.2630Eddbopkins.2630 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited September 12, 2019

    New PvP game modes. After 7 years it time to move past 5v5 conquest. This game is a major embarrassment in the PvP department compared to gw1.

    Actual gvg like gw1 was. This wvw attempt at a gvg was a fail and does not support a gvg league or mindset. Gw2 is a complete fail for anything competitive imo. When you look back at gw1 you literally had spam messages of which guild won pop up on your screen. What more competitive and boss then that? NOT GW2 THATS FOR SURE.

    As far as I know not many games can claim to have backwards progress in terms of gameplay modes/builds/and play styles but gw2 takes the prize. Imo

  • Ok from someone that is playing this for just over year: Fix the long standing bugs and stop steering players to game modes they do not enjoy.

    Let me use an example... let's start on a Legendary 1st gen weapon.
    Ok collection already tells me I need to play PvE and Fractals.
    Then for the weapon itself I need a Gift of Mastery, so that requires me to play WvW because that is the only way to get the Gift of Battle...

    I personally enjoy these 3 game modes, but if I wasn't able to buy the Shards of Glory on TP, and had to do PvP to get them, I'd never start them.

    I think it is a mechanic to artificially fill surten game modes and that is poor design.
    It's not good for me, someone that doesnt like the game mode, nor is it good for the PvP-ers that DO enjoy that game mode.

    Second is the drive to quickly introduce new content and make half-baked work out of that. Like the Skyscale.
    Initially it was a huge time gated collection. They fixed that later, but come on... you could not forsee that? You could, and you should have seen that one coming.

    Then the mount itself... great map completer but that's it... the thing gets stuck vertically on every freaking flower out there and the physics in older maps don't work well with this mount. The times It sticks to invisible walls in unlogical placed is something I rather not keep track of... and the dismount 1 skill is all over the place but rarely where it needs to be, rendering that fire attack useless in most situations.

    Also consider that new(er) players like me, are starting content like Legendaries... only to come across dead maps, events nobody is interested in anymore (I solo-ed so many which were absolutely grinding) and broken content (the ORR maps are notoriously buggy) that many just give up on them.

    The main thing therefor is: Fix the bugs before bringing new shinies... the list is long, VERY long... Long enough for new players to get discouraged in trying the collections or content.

    So to summon it all up: I wish for many additions to this game, but find it pointless to talk about that, untill above issues are being adressed.

  • @Silmar Alech.4305 said:
    An easier mode for raids would bring me back into the game and hold me for all the raid-related achievements and collections. The current difficulty level makes it impossible to get into raids with a reasonable amount of time. Ok, you can try and fail every boss 100 times before you succeed once with the current difficulty level, but that's not fun, so it's no content for me. I've done the other pve-contents over and over enough, so that's about the last thing that's still open for me.

    The Icebrood Saga will include a new type of content, Strike Missions, that is what you're looking for 😊 they will be releasing one or more? Each episode and be a bridge to raiding, so easier raid bosses.

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  • TheGrimm.5624TheGrimm.5624 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Ashen.2907 said:
    CC immunity after being affected by CC.

    Raising this one up for a guildmate. I like CC in the game but perma stunned and such is not a good thing. Maybe repeats of the same CC translates to some damage or such instead of the CC.

    Envy the Madman his musing when Death comes to make fools of us all.
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  • Ashen.2907Ashen.2907 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @TheGrimm.5624 said:

    @Ashen.2907 said:
    CC immunity after being affected by CC.

    Raising this one up for a guildmate. I like CC in the game but perma stunned and such is not a good thing. Maybe repeats of the same CC translates to some damage or such instead of the CC.

    Sounds reasonable to me. I like the idea of well timed CC providing a tactical advantage, a window of opportunity for a fight defining moment, but depriving the other guy of control of his character repeatedly until he is down is something else.

  • Sooo sick of bags upon bags upon baggggss for events. I get bag loot for general drops but OMG. So sick of bags.

    For the love of the Six, can we PLEASE get a better search filter for the TP? As in, I want to filter out items I already own. Looking at you dyes and skins.

  • Razorsharp Blade.9283Razorsharp Blade.9283 Member ✭✭
    edited September 13, 2019

    Engine rework to support GPU usage as well as CPU so I don't sit at 10fps in WvW while my GPU idles at 1% usage
    Character model textures rework aka higher res hair, tattoos skin etc etc
    Rework of the old maps so it works with the mounts properly so I don't have to hit invisible walls 2 meters into the air etc (I don't actually like mounts and I'm actually very against it but I do use em of course since they are ingame now and most new maps require them to traverse.)
    Content that isn't Living story that you can play through in 1-2 days and then wait 3-5 months for the next episode
    WVW UPDATE LORD HAVE MERCY PLS (I'm mainly PvE but god kitten) give us some WvW
    sPvP love, honestly, I love sPvP but I can't stand playing it cause it's not exciting capping the same points after 7 years, makes something new and fresh, bring back the PvP community.
    Expansions with new weapons instead of new elite specs, the ones we have are enough. (Maybe dwarf race?)
    And last but not least please give us open world dueling...

    (These are based of hopes not of things that are actually coming eventually like build templates and such).

  • miraude.2107miraude.2107 Member ✭✭✭

    Player housing or revamped home instances (let me put trophies down to show off killing Teq! that shouldn't be a guild only thing!)

    But honestly....dungeons especially with the new strike missions coming up. Logically we have dungeons that upgrade to fractals and it doesn't really make sense to have all these new fractals and no new dungeons. It'd also help me refresh myself on who half the npcs are anymore instead of having to check the wiki and go 'wait who was Bottica again?', 'who's Agent Kito?', etc. Like it'd have been interesting to get a dungeon in HoT for the Chak and have Gorrik all excitedly telling you about them while you go through and get him data on like the spit, nesting habits, mating habits, and all that while questioning his bug obsession. Or a dungeon with Agent Kito dealing with the Hamaseen and a smuggling den of theirs possibly having some surviving scarab plague or something.

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