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Which is your favorite title and why?

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I'll join the "Hero of Lion's Arch" club. All the events related to Scarlet Briar all the way to the attack on Lion's Arch changed how I perceived my engineer forever, donning the jetpack, magitech, gas mask and dredge mix that I wear even today. It also was the discovery of Celestial builds which turned my engi into a juggernaut of hybrid damage (read overpowered) in WvW. It's still my best moments up to this day and I'm glad there's a title reflecting it.

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There are quite a few I like but the main 2 that come to mind are Light in the Darkness and Good Apple. Light in the Darkness works well on my main character as it really feels fitting for something like the Commander. Good Apple just....even though it's not directly associated with how you get it, it reminds me of Tybalt. Never forget.

A few I wish I had but I don't are Yakslapper, I don't play much WvW sadly, and Acolyte of Dwayna. Should really put in the gold to get that one some time.

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Leaves No Hero Behind - I remember that the 1st time I saw this title I had a laugh, I don't know why but I found it funny. It's probably because I thought it was a perfect title for the healer.

Other than that I love "Deer commander" (it cute), and "Salty Sea Dog" (it fitted my friend who had the title on so much that I found it amusing).

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I like a lot of them. But sometimes one comes along that I can't imagine replacing for a specific character because it fits them so well.Thus my main, Donari, is "Rock Star" because he has the ego and showmanship of one.His sister Lucy is "Respected Achiever" because she's been the one holding the family investments together while Donari gadded about.And just now my necromancer Jin who joined the guild Vanguard of the Silver Dawn and holds the rank of Vanguard in the guild is, well, "Vanguard." Before that she was "Faithful."

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"God" and "Demigod" titles regardless of what kind are pretty neat. (For PvP sorry but everything from Immortal to Merciless are all lame.)

Of the PvP season legend exculisve titles The only one I think sounds cool is "Primordial Legend". (Exhaled, Indomitable, Illustrious, etc alll lllaaammmeee.)

For More casual easy to get ones:"Legendary Champion" is pretty neat, at least when you think of the GW2 NPC tier system. When something is a "Legendary Champion" it's like when they have a purple spiky ring as opposed to a gold champs. It's kind of a silly reason but I think this one is my most favorite on that basis alone.

"The Emperor is pretty" cool. (I'm glad the actual title doesn't reference the wardrobe)

"Kingslayer" is alright, Implications of regicide is always fun.

"Dauntless""Dark Traveler"along with"The Annihilator""The Demolisher""The Tormentor" are neat. (Adding this one kinda makes me think of yugioh though. )Are pretty neat and can suit any edgelords.[executioner is kinda lame sorry :/]

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