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My spidey senses are tingling

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I am getting a strong feeling that each class is going to be given access to a new weapon in this upcoming saga.

Perhaps there wouldn’t be a brand new elite spec. But we could get a reworked traitline to incorporate the new weapon.

As mentioned by others on the forums:

@"Vancho.8750" said:https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Jhavi_JorasdottirArenanet might be telling us something here.

@Lahmia.2193 said:

@"Vancho.8750" said:
Arenanet might be telling us something here.

Well they did the same with Majory and her greatsword.

@"Uete.3805" said:That morsel of information and today's patch have re-invigorated my passion for this game. And so I went to the wiki and found
from their intial presentation. We can see Jhavi (she looks quite necromancer-y), Rytlock (Revenant extraordinaire) and Braham (the Guardian) sporting some weird weapons for their classes. Jhavi's using Axe Main-hand + Shield Off-hand, Rytlock is using Sohothin with both hands (albeit he tends to wield it like this in promotional materials) and Braham's using Mace Off-hand.

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@"Ubi.4136" said:Not a chance. They are still "working" on balancing all of the issues they have created for the last 4 years. There is almost a 0% chance we will get anything new during the next 4 years to come.

I believe that they’ve had 2 years since POF to work on expansion level content. And even if they have put on hold / scrap / change directions from releasing an expansion, the 2 years of work is there.

I think it’s very plausible in the past 2 years that they would have come up with the content for the next weapon for each class.

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Here is hoping, but if at all I believe it would be in conjunction with a new round of elite specialziations.

What I would hope for personally is:

  • a good story narrative Saga do deliver content to players (and time/funding to developers)
  • followed by maybe a smaller size expansion (similar to PoF, maybe even a tad smaller with imediate return into the next Living World Arc)
  • with a full set of elite specializations with that expansion (with hints at the elite specializations weapons similar to Season 2s hints for HoT elites)

We shall see.

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They weren't working on an expansion. They were filling out the annual festival schedule and slowly releasing LS episodes, fractals and raids but their real focus was switched to their now cancelled projects.

As they weren't (and still aren't) planning on an expansion they wouldn't have done any development or design work for an expansion therefore it's unlikely they have elite specs or their weapons designed and ready for implementation.

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OPYou forgot this thread were a dev said she is a necormancer


Now giving that before Rytlock became a revenant he was a warrior with off hand pistol.

Have you seen any other player warrior with off hand pistol yet?

EditTo clarify Npcs use what ever weapon the devs want them to use no matter what is coming as elite specs.

Might have a abit more weight if one of our core team suddenly sport a new weapon but still devs do what they want with the npcs.

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Remember that this game has a long history of NPCs using weapons that don't fit their apparent classes. Rytlock originally was a warrior -- with an offhand pistol. Lots of trash mobs use weapon combinations that don't fit, like the bandits that use main pistol and offhand torch, which combo is not available to players at all. So don't read anything into it without greater supporting evidence.

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