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what april fool effects would you like to see?


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Revenge of the Skritt,Every hour in specific maps, the Skritt are invading and attacking players. The amount of attention you get depends on how shiny you are. The more ascended and legendary gear you have decides how many skritt are after you and how strong they are. Obviously you can help eachother. defeating all the skritt in the map ends the event. All Skritt drop shinies (loot) and the event itself is also rewarded.

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Probably none as they're all focused on the expansion. The cat thing last year was interesting but it seems like a lot of work for a one day event.

I would kind of like to see the endless joko tonic added at some point though. Then we can all just walk around as Joko.

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@DeanBB.4268 said:How about everyone glows like the sun? Oh, wait...

You do realize Anet hasn't done an April Fools since the great airplane scandal of '15, right? You are better off speculating what the humorous (and sometimes painful) patch notes will be.

They did Chairs of the World the year before last, and the cat sightings last year.

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That day, every character with an equipped infusion will have the effect turned off, every character with no infusion equipped will have a random infusion effect on them; mobs and mini will also have a random infusion effect.

PS: I just want the commando outfit on sale

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