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Why are you a "Casual" OR "Hardcore" player in WvW?


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Initially, there's not entirely a right or wrong answer here because it's based upon what you prefer. I'm just asking what side you consider yourself to lean more on if anything and "Why?"

  • For example you can be "Hardcore" overall, but still have Casual tendencies from time to time.

Obviously anyone intentionally leaning one way or the other must have some "Pro" vs "Con" mindset. However effective that may be... Between these two playing preferences. So I think approaching this question with possible Pro's/Con's each preference might carry... May "carry" your stance a little (or a lot) further. However, that's entirely up to you so long as you're able to answer "Why?"

Anyways, I'm just really curious on people's reasoning's as to why they prefer one playstyle over the other.

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It's in between. Fiercely loyal to the guild and the people in it, don't really give a cr@p about the actual game; because it's on an aging, downhill slide.....love a good, mostly-even fight, and don't mind PPT-ing. And by even, I mean lasts at least a few rotations of all skills. Win or lose, a good fight to me, is where you can throw a dome two, three, or maybe more times before one team faceplants. Any time our commander comes on coms and says "Uh.....I have no skills left"....that's a good day.

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Its a minor game mode in a casual PvE story game, and its neglected by Anet.


  • poor class balance
  • poor new content
  • poor rewards
  • exploits
  • server lags
  • massive population imbalances

Its a big scale open world hit and run ganker's paradise.

After you've reached a specific skill level, there is no incentive to keep improving, since the enemy would then just (A) call in more players to gank you, or (B) run away / dodge the fights / switch the map / karma train / fight the other server / just go offline.

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Not sure how to classify myself. I'm exclusively a WvW player with the exception of Living World releases and I don't mind participating in losing matches ( meaning I don't fair weather ).

However, I also don't care about the score, I don't care if objectives are lost and I don't care what tier we're in. Although I do dislike Tier 1.

But I also actively scout, build siege, use Discord when necessary and do "hardcore" defense ( like a maintenance player when outnumbered, constantly rushing to check objective status, refreshing siege, etc. )

I participate in all roles of WvW but am primarily a solo/small scale player. I try to prevent enemy camps from upgrading or allowing them to hold Mercenary camps, I respond to scouts for defense, I harass the tail of zergs to kill chasers or slow players and I take towers when I see an opportunity.

I want to say I'm a "hardcore" player because of how flexible I am as a WvW player and because WvW is all I really do, but I also want to say I'm casual because there are many times I'm not paying attention to the map at all and I honestly could not care less for the score. 99% of the time all I'm doing is looking for fights whether it's roaming, zerging or defending, as long as I know there's potential for combat I'll be hurrying to the nearest spot it's happening.

I do make an effort to contribute to the realm via capturing and defending but I don't feel... "Passionate" about it? It's more or less routine and seeking action than it is a deliberate mission to boost PPT/PPK. And I also definitely don't treat it like a job despite how often I play. So, I think I could fall in to either category but I'd personally say I'm more casual than hardcore. I'm simply not bothered by score or losing objectives like some people are. Some people will go absolutely bananas if a T3 objective is lost and I just /shrug and continue on.

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I mostly play PVE. I have 18 characters who I always do the stories with. I've waited for LS4 to finish before I will finish it now with my 17 other characters - I played each episode when they released with just the one character. I've had the game since early 2015, and rarely played WvW mainly because of...

Unbalance. OP broken builds, population differences. - bandwagoning between linked severs.Linked servers - What's the point? As a FOW player (2nd lowest in EU) We're almost always paired with T1 servers who plummet downwards when we get linked with them bandwagoning between linked servers/reliance on links for success is obvious.Little incentive to win - apart from 2 extra pips in first place to speed up chests there is no other incentive to win.Hard to learn/not 'noob' friendly - When warclaw came out the biggest grumble was with new players coming in and not staying - who would with all the elitism that was going on - very stuck up attitude and a sure way to keep players away from the mode. New players seen as loot bags and nothing more...Same old/don't change our mode! attitude - Maps are the same, capping a camp is the same etc... Players moan of lack of new content a-net does something new, mounts would be a great example and many of the 'veterans' are in uproar - you've changed our mode! Wah you've changed our mode! week before - we need changes! WvW is ignored/neglected! Why would/should A-net bother with such a whiney bunch of people that are impossible to please? (especially when 99% of players are happily running about on mounts anyway!!!)

Since warclaw came out I've been playing a lot more, but still only rank 495 was rank 90 before Warclaw as now I find it so much easier to get around. But It does get boring quickly. Facing the same people/guilds/blobs gank squads constantly each match/time I play also gets dull quickly.

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