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Whats Preventing You From Quitting The Game

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I am a very casual player with limited time due to family and work obligations. GW2 is not subscription based, so I am not losing money during the times when I am unable to login and play. This is the primary reason for me. Additionally, I have a few friends (and my spouse) in the same situation so we coordinate a game night from time to time where we can not only play but socialize.

Not having PvP in PvE areas is also a big attraction for me. I've tried other MMOs where this is rampant and I did not enjoy it.

The combat mechanics are more enjoyable to me than in other MMOs I've tried. Yeah, I'm a filthy casual, but I'm not a 111111'er. I actually do use my utilities and other skills.

The community keeps me here, too, both in game and here in the forums.

I'm sure that there are a few other reasons, but these are the highest ones for me.

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No other mmo with combat as good as GW2 mostly and some great QoL stuff GW2 has. During LS3, GW2 felt so dead, all my friends quit GW2 at that time and I felt like I was the only one playing. So I left too, played BDO for around 2 years with some breaks and returns to GW2. I feel the similar is happening right now (can't go back to BDO since it turned out to be disgusting P2W cash grab with some big issues not being fixed/resolved for years), but there are some friends still playing, so that keeps me from quitting for now. Unfortunately, the daily fractals and weekly raid clears is all what we do together before they go offline again. So not sure how long will this last.

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For the most part i play solo and even though gw2 is an mmo it's quite easy to also play solo it really does cater to all and there is always plenty to do and more to explore, all those lil things that are down right funny as to npcs comments and chat to the awe inspiring views when u travel the world, i have tried other games but there is nothing quite like gw2 that can hold my full attention like it does, so yes 7 years playing and hopefully many more.

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  • The combat makes gameplay fun.
  • There's always something to do in Guild Wars 2, but you have to make your own goals.
  • GW2 has large PvE end-game content (lots of maps, meta events, fractals, raids, dungeons).
  • I can play however I like, because there are nine unique classes with 2 elite specs + every weapon is different.

I played some MMORPG games, but they were usually boring, without good end-game content, e.g. Dragon's Prophet had awesome combat system (action, combos, control), but the end-game was extremly poor — only dungeons.

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