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10th Birthday Present...

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A victory pebble to go with our victory rock we got perhaps? Not going to lie the doubts on something decent for a 10th anniversary unless it is gem related or steam related doesn't seem to quite be on anet's radar at the moment.😂  Even the cornerstone game mode is feeling like it's on the back burner once again after they got the next beta testing started lol.

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15 hours ago, Gotejjeken.1267 said:

Any guesses what's going to be in this? 

My guess is an instant repair cannister and some random dye select packs?

It's going to be something lame but don't worry the cash shop will be getting a whole new armour set with FIRE DEMONS AND CHAINSAWS HANDSSSSSS THAT YOU CAN BUY FOR REAL MONEY. YAY.

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14 hours ago, Tiamat.8254 said:

Probably a black lion statue and dye you'll never use. The rewards are pretty poor for anniversary.

To be fair, only the 9th Bday gift is really bad. And I don't expect this year to be good either. Seems like now ANet only wants and will focus on fresh blood (new and Steam players), forgeting that without the vets there won't be any 10th year to celebrate.

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18 hours ago, Gibson.4036 said:

It's not a 10th character birthday present, but "maybe even a few freebies to collect (spoiler: mount skin)" is definitely a step up in anniversary giveaway.

Thet's the celebration and it's given to everybody, OP was specifically talking about the gift for 10 years old accounts.

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