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Quick Update on the Skills and Balance Team

Josh Davis.7865

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Good change.


Please give the team and its new lead the resources and the decision making authority to make the changes necessary, in a time frame that will keep players engaged. Otherwise, one new lead and X number of more junior staff will mean nothing.


 Please also closely evaluate player feedback to changes going forward. If what the new team is proposing is not resonating, be willing to adjust the balance philosophy. Stone walls, stubbornness, and “you think you do, but you don’t” mentality have never been well received in any community.


 Cheers, and rooting for the team’s success in these crucial next few months.

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Grats to you @Cal Cohen.2358!


Please, when you guys are tweaking Defy Pain and Last Stand, take a moment to reevaluate Defense and it's role in builds. Two big frequent request from the warrior community is for Adrenal Health and Cleansing Ire to activate on burst use rather than hitting. Those two changes would go a long way in bolstering non BSW warriors in competitive.

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the only thing i want is more AOE or more range on Cata hammer, so i can use a new weapon and not suck in WVW for as long as it takes for the next expac to come.


catalyst by itself is not a complete espec so you guys need to make hammer a compelling choice for all 3 game modes, not just PVE/PVP capture points.

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Thanks so much for this update.
My feelings after the June 28th patch were almost that of pain and loss, to see the creators of something I am so passionate about be so "out of touch" with the player base and even just basic game mechanic design (yes, I am speaking of the warrior banner fiasco), allowing it to make it to the deployment stage... I had lost a lot of faith in the GW2 team, which was unfortunate since there were many other positive changes being made. But, no matter the other changes if your avatar (your body through which you experience the virtual world) is not fun, then nothing is really fun anymore and all the external positive changes mean very little. At that time, when things were really going off the rails with the community, with animosity brewing between the community and the dev team, I remember I made a post that just said for the team to "do better". Recent changes and now this update have restored some of my faith and I feel the team is "doing better." So, for whatever it is worth, thank you!

I look forward to looking forward! And welcome a greater emphasis and hopefully well-thought-out changes to balance and character skills and traits.

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I usually don't post anything, at least I see to need it.


I am happy to see all this changes not only in how you are balancing the game if not in every aspect (marketing, communication, feedback,etc.). Excited to see how you bring balance in each gamemode and how much you do in the future.


Thanks for all the work, good luck with the development and keep improving like this last months.

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4 hours ago, Josh Davis.7865 said:

The October 4 balance update was originally planned to be our final ‘major’ balance update of the year.  However, we’re changing course a bit now that its focus has shifted to addressing issues in competitive play. We’ve added an additional balance update to our schedule for November 29, and with this update we’re aiming to get back to having our major balance updates include changes for all game modes, rather than a focus on a single area. Cal and team will share the updated balance philosophy with you prior to that release’s balance preview.

Huge congrats to CMC! cmcW for sure


Grouch, you mentioned recently that the team is looking at mechanist smothering PvE. Should we expect to see action on that in November, or will a targeted change sneak by before then?

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The alacrity tempest have a BIG problem.

You have to wait almost 8 seconds to bring alacrity after press another Attunement, wait for Singularity then Overload.

Only when Overload ends you bring alacrity.


Please put the alacrity in the start of the Overload and no in the end.


Its annoying that you can't even dodge or you will lose the Overload and with Overload, the Alacrity.


No one of the other alacrity bringer have that problem.


Thank you!

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2 hours ago, Bovan.9481 said:

Something something Eternity's Requiem, something something please make it cleave in PvE.

1000% this

And frontload more of the damage/make the damage fall off harder so the hitbox variation is only 1k instead of the 2.5-3k it is right now. (Not an "either/or" suggestion; both of these things need to happen simultaneously for it to be balanced appropriately). The skill is fun though as is so I don't want to see it changed egregiously

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5 hours ago, coro.3176 said:

Glad there is finally some movement on this. Good luck! If I could communicate one thing, it would be this:

  • a month is a long time
  • 4 months is a really really long time
  • a year is an eternity
  • 2 years is the entire lifespan of many popular games

Please for the love of this game, don't let things languish for that long




Looking at the timeline for the balance patches, there's just so much time from one to the next. This is particularly painful when the class you enjoy most is in a bad place.

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For Herald: I think that the attribution of quickness could have been done with the consumption of maintenance like the features "Rising Momentum" and "Hardening Persistence". That would allow to give the quickness with the other legend and not only herald. It would be necessary just to attribute quickness from a certain level or to make 2 levels according to the consumption. This would avoid spamming the skills while giving the other buffs.


I would like for the vindicator that it fixes the bugs that date from the first beta on the dodge jump and the GS already in the first place. I'd like to see the archetype changed, like removing the "Balance in Discord" trait and applying it directly to the "Alliance Tactics" skill. Instead of "Balance in Discord" only the trait "Song of Arboreum".
These are only suggestions for ideas.
This allows you to redo all the traits "Master". We could replace for example:
-a trait to increase DPS
-a trait to share buffs or to be able to put more alteration with the legend or the GS (because a little bit of frost is not crazy when you look at it well)
-a trait to give more buffs to share other than regeneration.

The more the Alliance skill has been increased on both sides, the more it looks like an assembly of 2 legends without any link between them.


And a little bonus that Anet goes back with the sigil on the legend swap ( https://forum-en.gw2archive.eu/forum/game/hot/Lets-Chat-Revenant-Masters-of-the-Mist/page/2#post4807746 ), put the hammer skill 2 back correctly against the character and remove that space. And last thing restore the range of 1200 on the skill "Forced Engagement" which has experienced a triple nerf. With Herald's shield have the ability on "Crystal Hibernation" to be able to move because otherwise you look more like a coffin.

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I have little faith, for I will not be dissapointed, I will not be hyped up. Anet is always delaying anything pvp related. why believe them this time aboot a meaningful update. The Feb 2020 was a pvp destroying update creating the problem of 5k+ lich auto with quickness attacks and many other unfair advantages given to classes that didn't need it. With the introduction of the EoD specs pvp has further deteriorated with the introduction of a 6th player in a 5v5 game with a robot for engi, they gave a class that has 1200-1500 range weapon(ranger) a teleport to close the distance cuz 1200-1500 range weapon wasn't good enough. They gave every class projectile weapons so now the game is projectile spam. I just feel there is nothing that can fix the state of gw2 except a redesign of every spec.


# nohopeforanet is my moto these days.

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