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What's stored in your bank tabs?


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Tell us how many bank tab slots you got and what's stored in them!

Mine (needs reorganizing):

1-2: Ascended gear, gear boxes, gathering tools I shuffle around, space for more asc armor/trinkets3: Exotic weapons and heavy armor4: Exotic light and medium armor5: BLC items (statuettes, vouchers, hair kits, ticket scraps etc), teal branded mists, upgrade extractors, inventory bags, mystic forge stones6: Misc ascended gear7: Sigils and runes8: Raid minis and decorations, random items (marsh frog for example)9-10: Misc exotic gear11: WvW items, boxes of grandmaster marks, llamas, boxes o' fun, legendary crafting items12: Boosters, primers, communal bonfires, banners, attunements for HoT maps13: Utility consumables (oils etc)14: Food consumables15: Misc chests, keys and other stackable items (treasure kits, casino coins, keys of greater nightmare, rusted ornate keys, piles of silky sand), black lion chests16: Festival items and ascended mats thatll get moved to bank alt, overstacks of items that dont fit in material storage (shards of glory, candy corn, lucent motes etc)17: Misc items (golden fractal relics, experience scrolls, mystic forge mats, random mats that dont go in storage, inscriptions and insignias), hall of monuments portal stone, spearmarshals plea, ley infused lodestone, experimental rifles

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1) Things to be used up, like spare salvage kits, items which can be upgraded (which I will get around to sometime), excess crafting materials to be refined by someone else etc. Usually 1/2 to 1/3 empty, unless I'm really disorganised.

2) Upgrades. Boosters, XP scrolls/tomes, etc and the various "eaters" like Mawdrey.

3) Tokens and bits of items. Everything from Mystic Forge Stones to Black Lion Statuettes to a Gift of Exploration.

4) Ascended equipment I'm saving for alts/new builds, and equipment choice boxes

5) Exotic equipment with selectable stats I'm saving for alts.

6) Books. This is the only tab which is completely full and it's ALL readable books.

7) Nostalgia. Everything from a celebration hat which was never converted from toy clothes and a toy frame from the first Wintersday to a second mini Liadri to Mad Memoires. Also some books that didn't fit in the other tab.

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Since I have an endless bank access item, I have lots of stuff in there for quick access alongside tons of other stuff that I don't want to carry around:

  • Travel scrolls and tomes
  • "Eaters" (items that consume materials I don't have use of or too much of)
  • Gimmicks and Toys that cannot be added to the Novelties
  • Permanent Gathering Tools
  • Keys
  • Buff Food and Boosters
  • Sigils and Runes
  • Way too many Ascended Trinkets, Back Items, Weapons and Armor
  • Festival items
  • Other items that have no storage slots
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A hoarder’s nightmare.Boosters. Holiday foods. Permanent tools and glyphs. Items from Black Lion chests. Banners. Books. Unused skins. Rare gear to be mystic forged. Ascended gear not currently being used. key runners gear, scrolls, tomes, scraps. Harvesting picks that give snowflakes as a bonus. Plus a bunch of single item miscellaneous this and that

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I only have the basic bank space... I refuse to expand it given I only end up hoarding more.. It's filled with currency that does not go wallet, boosters that I will never use, Black Lion Scraps that I will never get enough to even buy my 1st item from. And items from living world that I have no clue what need they have/ if I should save them like sunspear paragon support. However, most of this stuff just ends up on alt inventory tbh.

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I have all the available tabs, mostly full, mostly of junk. The biggest space-users are account-bound skins I have already unlocked but don't want to "waste" that many transmute charges by deleting, if I could just remember to use the bank ones when changing my looks, and the old tonics you can't get any more.

Yeah, I'm a pack-rat.

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I think I have 15 bank slots, or close to it, but I don't have them all being used anymore.

1) Saga daily chests, ascended items to move to a mule, and the inventory bags from the recent collection2) XP scrolls, and some random consumables (e.g. banners)3) All of the legendary weapons4) The rest of the legendary weapons, chak egg sac, and keys for the khan-ur vault5) All of the various boosters as well as whatever food I use for raids6) Guild decorations and a few items I felt worth saving7) Raid KP8) Excess materials from material storage (e.g. extra mystic coins, ectos, HoT materials)9) Kralkatite Ore and Hatched Chilis10) Eternal Ice Shards11) Eternal Ice Shards12) Eternal Ice Shards13) Eitrite Ingots14) Empty15) Empty

I have a mule for ascended items, a mule for all of those books and gadgets, and a third mule for other valuable items such as gifts of battle, BL tickets/scraps, wardrobe unlocks, etc

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Like several have posted before me. I have mainly:

  • Top section + next one below it, for day to day use (All the thingies giving daily item, XP scrolls & tomes, boosts, salvage kits, make over kits....).
  • One section for legendary stuff.
  • One section for ascended stuff.
  • One section for mats of the type: "Not-much-use-but-on-day-we-need-them-we-need-tons"
  • One section for mats having no slots in bank + festival items re-usable every year.
  • Two more sections for a mix of items "not-usable-but-I-like" and "old-junk-but-you-never-know".
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Loot bags, Silver Salvage-O-Matic, raid/fractal decoration tokens (aka. killproofs)

berserker's+assassin's trinkets, berserker's armors

berserker's, diviner's and grieving weapons

more grieving weapons, grieving armor sets, grieving trinkets

viper's boon/dps weapons

viper's trinkets, viper's nightmare rune armors and light viper's aristocracy set

sinister trinkets, viper's renegade rune armors and heavy viper's aristocracy set

trailblazer's trinkets, trailblazer's armors and medium viper's aristocracy set

trailblazer's weapons, a couple random weapons, light viper's firebrand rune set

cavalier's and minstrel's trinkets, minstrel's armors

minstrel's and harrier's weapons, giver's trinkets

harrier's and magi's trinkets, harrier's monk rune armors

seraph's+soldier's+knight's trinkets, harrier's pack rune armors

seraph's weapons, seraph's armors, viper's medium afflicted set, viper's heavy traveler's set

plaguedoctor's weapons, armors and trinkets, valkyrie trinkets

dire+shaman's trinkets, bunch of yet-to-be-assigned ascended gears

portal scrolls, black lion chest supplies, tomes, boosters, statuettes, foods, exotic+ascended salvage kits, lvl 20 and 30 boosts, army of Mini Queen Jennahs, Bandit Death Marks, insignia+inscription chests, skirmish chests, silverwastes things, Penetrating Krytan Sword of Penetration


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"Oh this is what that stuff was useful for? I wish I had saved them..." I hoard the most worthless junk, and neglect things I should be putting into use. Oh well.

The backbone of my storage is a single storage character, it's my first character and the one receiving any bag slot upgrades. For once job security increases with age! \o/ It primarily carries the vast bulk of account bound items I want to keep but can't foresee a use for, and also holds the overflow stacks from the bank (that get purged when the space runs out and no use has arisen).

  • Two rows for common stuff: mystic forge stones, shovels, casino coins. Third row for temporary stuff.
  • Bulk of consumables: boosters and BLT items.
  • Festival items, BLT salvage kits.
  • Account bound gear.
  • Banners, trays of food, more reward boxes.
  • Unids, dragonite/bloodstone/empyreal stockpile because the only thing more annoying than them filling every nook and cranny is having to farm them.
  • Daily drops from home instance etc, gets cleaned out as needed.

Tab or two more wouldn't hurt, it clutters up too easily.

Additionally I'm utilising two banks. First one holds berserker's drops and other reasonably valuable common stuff. Second holds stockpiles of candy corn, sprockets, quartz, exotics with other value than dark matter etc. I'll probably go for a third one eventually, equipment drops outpace my need for them.

First of my two account shared inventory slots holds an lvl 80 booster, and the second the Prototype Position Rewinder. I'm contemplating picking more, they're on my list but just not very close to the top.

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I only own 6 tabs, but plenty of mule-characters anda private guild-bank. WARNING: The more space you have, the more trash you collect/store!

1.)BL goods: Trade Express, Repair Canister, Revival Orbs, Teleport to Friend, Makeover/Hairstyle kits, Primers, Statuettes, Ticket Scraps, Boxes o Fun,Other: Infinite Continue Coin, S3/S4 portal tome, S5 portal-scrolls, Lily of Elon InvitationEaters: Gleam of Sentience, Princess, Mawdrey II, Star of Grattitude, Herta, Volatile Singularity, Ley Energy Converter

Note: Gleam of Sentience is a bundle-converter which contains Sentient Aberration, Sentient Anomaly, Sentient Oddity and Sentient Singularity. If you own more than one of these, it would be worth to get the other ones and create the bundle. It saves space in your bank and time converting many materials into loot-containers.

2.) LS3/LS4/LS5 currencies, Shovels and PvP Reward Potions (for guilds)I usually wait until I have one stack full. Then I log my mule character and take the full stack away. In terms of Kralkatite Ore, I wait for two full stacks and craft ingots/Irradiated Vision Crystal. What happens if my mule is full? I consume/salvage currency. That gives me a huge supply of Unbound Magic, so I can loot the Gleam of Sentience 6x daily.

3.) Guildhall decorations, BL keys, Tomes of Knowledge, Mystic Forge Stones, Fire Orchid Seeds, Pact Scout's Mapping Materials, Bauble Bubbles, Triumphant Ascended Armor (ready to convert into legendary, once I get the tickets :S), Exquisite Serpentite Jewels and the rest of the slots are occupied with BL salvage kits :s

4.) Irradiated Vision Crystals, Rose Quartz, Upgradeable inventory bags, Treasure Hunting kits, Legendary Gifts, Key items for legendary collections, Hollow's Fortune Fireworks and the rest of the slots are occupied with BL salvage kits :s

5.) Fractal Potions, Legendary Spikes xD, Favors of Bazaar/Festival, BL Lockbreaker Kits, Dragon Bash Victory Coffers, Mad King's Gifts, Anniversary Armor Packs, Blessings of the Four Winds, Chests of Dungeoneering, Tyrian Exchange Voucher, Dye Packs (birthdays), Stacks of Unidentified GearNote: The entire tab could be labeled with "use when needed." Most of the chests are too less to unlock all skins, so I store them and unlock the skins I need when I need them. UI Gear is hoarded until I have a few stacks of each, then I salavage them - as everyone else ^^.

6.) Lootbags waiting transfer to my bag-opener, Bloodbound weapons for key farming, Material stacks waiting for refinement (which would clog up the storage otherwise), Bloodstone dust, Gifts for the Legendary Armor, Dragonsblood Weapon componentsNote: Bloodstone Dust. Too valuable to be wasted on eaters. I currently stack it up to 200-250 and then refine it to Skyscale Food (the cheap one), easy Bloodstone dust => gold conversion.

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I have 12 tabs

1) daily use stuff like the ley-line converter, karma converter, grothmar and bjora passes to do strikes, passes to the captain airship and elona, home instance pass, fractal keys and grothmar and bjora dailie boxes.2) Primers, foods and utilities for all characters / builds3) stuff i have to salvage later or check price before salvage4) this tab is reserved to all the garbage that comes from event boxes (i open them all instead of selling), i only clean this tab when the seasonal event is over, so during the event i just double click them out of the inventory and they go to this tab5) empty (it used to be a tab for dungeon tokens before the wallet existed)6) empty (same as #5)7) black lion key farm gear / food and loot boxes I get from them (i open them on a higher level character)8) ascended crafting materials that can't be sold or stored (insignias, inscriptions, weapon components)9) ascended armor that were used in the past metas that can have another use in the future10) ascended weapons that were used in the past metas that can have another use in the future11) unopened ascended boxes, ascended aquatic weapons, legendary light armor set and legendary weapons12) boosters, banners, single use merchants, single use TP, rez orbs, repair canisters, mystic crystals, philosopher stones, unstable cosmic essences, tomes of knowledge, writs of experience, baubles, mystic forge stones, upgrade extractors, black lion salvage kit, ascended salvage kit, black lion chest, black lion tickets, black lion ticket scraps

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